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Google Stadia's internal studio shutdown was one expensive affair

Published: 19:30, 27 February 2021
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Google's decision to shut down Stadia's fledgeling in-house studios hasn't exactly driven people into tears, but it probably should've when considering how many projects were canned.

Mind you, it should go without saying that it's the employees who were affected the most, but it's quite frankly staggering how many projects were ultimately cut down after hefty initial investments. 

According to latest reports by multiple outlets, who seem to have the same sources by the way, Stadia has ditched "dozens" of projects. This includes many projects that were apparently well into the initial stages of development, as well as proposals. 

Journey to the Savage Planet 2 was one of the high-profile names mentioned, and so was a multiplayer game led by an Assassin's Creed veteran.

Among the cancelled proposals were reportedly those by Sega's former powerhouse Yu Suzuki and Metal Gear messiah Hideo Kojima, and peculiarly enough, it's said that Stadia boss Phil Harrison personally saw to the latter.

You can actually find proof of that in Kojima's interviews last year, when he talked about how having projects cancelled and being pissed afterwards seems to be the part and parcel of the industry.

Industry sources claim that Harmonix's original title, a music game, has been one of the games that was practically completed and pending launch. They also claim that licensing for Stadia Pro had proven to be a major pain well before Google reached for the chopping block. 

Typhoon Studios The player character overlooking the game world in Journey to the Savage Planet. A distant mountain awaits. Untold horrors lie within. Insert sci-fi / fantasy cliche here.

For what it's worth, VGC reports that Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak denied any and all suggestions that their game was cancelled or obstructed by Stadia Pro, but he followed it up by saying it will launch on other platforms if need be. 

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