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Evil Geniuses acquire Echo Fox LCS spot

Published: 17:31, 27 September 2019
Evil Geniuses
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Evil Geniuses

Following a prolonged period of internal turmoil and Riot Games intervention, Echo Fox left their LCS spot open and it has been bought by Evil Geniuses who marked their return to competitive League of Legends.

Evil Geniuses are back to League of Legends, this time in North America region. They confirmed acquiring Echo Fox's LCS spot on Thursday, 26 September 2019. According to the CEO, Nicole LaPointe Jameson, EG are looking to put down root in LCS as a franchise owner as they only had positive relations with Riot Games in the past.

The organisation will expand their area of operations to Los Angeles in order to accommodate the team's needs. This is not the first time EG attempted to acquire Echo Fox's spot as they had two prior bids, one of $41 million and another of $30.25 million, ESPN reports

Both of the bids happened after the incidents regarding Echo Fox co-founder Amit Raizada's racist language towards former Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall and threats towards Rick Fox's family caused Riot Games to give the team two notices. 

The first one gave them 60 days to get rid of Raizada while the second one happened on 15 August 2019 where Riot stated they would take Echo Fox's LCS spot entirely if they don't reach an agreement with either Echo Fox or Allen Shapiro.

Fast forward to 25 September 2019, it's Evil Geniuses who are making a comeback. This marks the team's return to LCS after five years, although their origins were with European LCS at the time, now known as LEC.

As a reminder, the original Evil Geniuses mostly consisted of former CLG EU roster - Froggen, YellowPete, Snoopeh and Krepo, with North American players joining the roster over time. Coincidentally, it was YellowPete who became the first victim of a Lee Sin manoeuvre that would later go down in history as the InSec kick, seen in the video above.

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