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Europa Universalis IV - Congo Basin and Horn of Africa changes

Published: 18:06, 05 October 2021
Paradox Interactive
Europa Universalis IV - New Missions

With Paradox Interactive's upcoming Africa update coming up, today's Europa Universalis IV Dev Diary focused on changes coming to the Congo Basin and the Horn of Africa.

Today we got a fresh Dev Diary for Europa Universalis IV and its highly anticipated Africa update. The fourth Dev Diary focused on the upcoming batch of content that is update 1.32 and the tropical Congo Basin. 

EU IV - Congo's mission tree

Congo's mission tree is a fairly compact, three-part affair. Each part of the mission tree will lead the players towards two endgame missions and some pretty hefty rewards. First up, we have the classic conquest missions with the aim to unite the Congolese culture group. After that, players will be able to expand into Zambia, form a colony in Lega and stake permanent claims on the East Africa region.

The rest of Congo's mission tree is concerned with establishing it as a proper kingdom and bolstering its connections with the Europeans. 

Congo's religious concerns are oriented towards Fetishism and all mission rewards are designed around the particular faith. Switching over to a different religion will cause the loss of certain modifiers. 

The "Shamanistic Alliances" mission will see your shaman visit a different cult and unlock them for yourself. The vanilla mission will have more than six options and you can hover over any of them to find out the cult’s modifier.

Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis IV - New missions: Congo

"Foreigners arrive in Congo!" event is now a big deal: it affects your mission tree. Inviting the missionaries will transform the first column of the mission tree, replacing it with Catholic missions at the cost of one stability and 20 Prestige. From there, you'll have to work on converting the entire country to the new faith. Your king will also convert to Catholicism if it happens to become the dominant religion.

The mission "Africa’s Hegemony" requires the players to conquer big parts of Southern Africa and offers unique rewards as well as a good enough segue into another topic.

Horn of Africa changes

Adal now has its own specific missions which should give the AI version of the country more chances to survive against Ethiopia.

 Some setup issues have also been personally addressed. The terrain in the Mogadishu and the Northern Swahili Coast area has been transformed into farmlands and the devs also tinkered around with the region's climate.

Additional details about Europa Universalis IV and the Congo basin.