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eSports on the Olympics

Published: 00:24, 22 February 2018
eSports Industry Awards
eSports Industry Awards

Executive Director of the Olympic Channel Yiannis Exarchos recently said that the Channel will look into engaging younger audiences after the Olympics, prompting world plus dog to start speculating about esports becoming an Olympic sport.

Exarchos said that with the Channel's demographic being mostly young people, they want "to explore this direction" once this year's Olympic Games are done. Note that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognises eSports as sports since November.

He added that partnering with Intel makes the notion even more appealing, seeing as how "Intel has a vision of seeing the Games delivered in a new, smarter and more engaging way." Indeed, the eSports industry is said to be worth a billion dollars a year, which is more than many sports can say.

Faceit The Esports Championship Series - Counter-Strike The Esports Championship Series - Counter-Strike

Exarchos pointed out that the static nature of competitions, gender imbalance and violent content are "very foreign to what the Olympics represent". To be fair though, he did say that all of these can be addressed so as to welcome eSports into "the Olympic family".

Even though many outlets reported this practically being a done deal, we'd advise you to cancel your bets if you made any. First of all, "want" to "look into" doesn't sound remotely promising. Secondly, it's the IOC that makes decisions and you'd sooner find Zeus and talk him into the same thing. Also, Zeus was never a gamer.

Excuse our bluntness here, but from what we've gathered, the Channel doesn't really care much about gaming, it's just that the financial opportunity is just too good to simply say no. Besides, there are so many ideologic, monetary and other inherent differences between these two "worlds", that maybe it's best if we all kept to our side of the fence. Heck, I couldn't even climb mine.

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