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This year's E3 will admit 15,000 civilians

Published: 18:44, 08 February 2017
Updated: 20:20, 08 February 2017
An artist's rendition of E3 2017

£150-200 to go where selodm a gamer has gone before.

While E3 rules of admission have become more and more lax over the years, recently it was quite enough to be a blogger or B-grade YouTube personality and you could apply for entry. This year the US Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has been kind enough to opn the gates for up to 15,000 private individuals, provided they can pay the entry fee.

Most likely prompted by publisher interest the once trade show, then press event, now public shindig will be admitting anyone who pays £150-200, depending on how early you get your tickets. The early bird sale starts on Monday 13 February 2017. The 15,000 tickets will be sold out before you know it, so it might be a good idea to get them while the offer is fresh. 

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