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Destiny 2 - open beta details

Published: 14:00, 17 July 2017
Updated: 14:01, 17 July 2017
Destiny 2

The open beta for Destiny 2 is set to start this week. Bungie has shared the exact schedule. There is also a list of features that will be available during the open beta, and a list of features that will not be making an appearance.

Destiny 2 is one of the . The sequel will build on the story from from 2014. Destiny 2 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox and, for the first time ever, PC. 

Now for the stuff you actually came for: beta date, start times and beta access.

  • Destiny 2 PS4 Beta early access start time - 18 July, 6 pm BST - for those who pre-order
  • Destiny 2 Xbox One Beta start time - 19 July, 6 pm BST - for those who pre-order
  • Destiny 2 Open Beta start time for all players on consoles - 21 July, 6 pm BST
  • Destiny 2 Beta end time for all players on consoles - 23 July, 5 am BST - for consoles
  • Destiny 2 PC Beta start time - some time in late August, more information to follow

Bungie Destiny 2 - open beta Destiny 2 - open beta

You can gain access to the beta by a copy of the game. Bungie will also host a giveaway on social media. I wish you luck.

The beta will feature:

  • Opening story mission, Homecoming
  • Two Crucible modes, Countdown (new to Destiny 2, attack and defend based) and Control (classic zone control)
  • Two Crucible maps, the Felwinter Peak-set Vostok and Endless Vale
  • Co-operative Strike, The Inverted Spire
  • New sub-classes, Warlock (Dawnblade), Hunter (Arcstrider) and Titan (Sentinel)
  • Social Space, The Farm (for one hour only on 23 July at 6 pm BST)
  • New emblem to unlock in the full game if you play the beta

Bungie Cayde-6 sitting in a bar, demonstrating an explosion with his hands Destiny 2 - Boom

Additionally, we now know what won't be in the beta:

  • Clan support
  • Character progression within the beta
  • Character progression beyond the beta into the full game

So pretty standard open beta stuff. You can check out Destiny 2 gameplay and PC specs right .