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Crusader Kings 3 introduces Inventory System for storing artifacts

Published: 01:17, 03 November 2021
Paradox Interactive
This throne room needs some artifacts to fill the space

Where does a monarch hold all his valuable artifacts, so no one can steal them? Usually in a vault, but there is no vault more secure than an in-game inventory.

Artifacts can be divided into two categories, inventory and court, which is also where the items are stored.

Instead of putting all of the goodies into a big pile, Paradox have made an inventory window showing what’s currently equipped and how many of each category you can “wear”.

Equipable artifacts fall into the following categories; crown, regalia, weapon, armor, and lastly, trinkets. Most of these categories speak for themselves but trinkets, so what are they you may ask? The answer is a myriad of things; they can be brooches, dried flowers, even a worm on a string. You can also sort after these categories, making it easy to find what you’re looking for when you want to equip, repair, or just browse your inventory.

In the Artifact Details, you can read the artifact’s history, as well as see what people are claimants. Watch out - some of these people may be looking to steal the artifact away from you. Of course, it goes both ways! Did your stupid brother inherit the family heirloom? You can duel, declare war, or steal it — as long as you have a claim.

Paradox Interactive Differences between European Artifacts and Indian ones

Artifacts wear down when on your person versus when they are on display in the court. So keep that in mind as it can be costly in the long run to equip everything for the bonuses if you're not making full use of them. Since the Antiquarian is such a vital figure in maintaining and making full use of your artifacts, there’s a shortcut to recruiting or just looking at who has that position in your court.