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Crusader Kings 3 Diplomacy gains new tools with Language learning

Published: 04:23, 15 October 2021
Paradox Interactive
Losing a tutor to death and other things is a real possibility

Wish to establish an alliance with that neighbouring nation, or the giant overseas, or merely to get into the good graces of your ruler? Sure, as a noble, you will find a translator, but it is always better if you can speak for yourself.

As you all know, one of the new Cultural Pillars each Culture has is its native Language. Now, what effect does language have? At its very core, Languages affect the Baseline acceptance between cultures - if two Cultures share the same Language Pillar, they’ll like each other better. But that’s not all, characters can also learn additional languages!

So, why do you want to learn a language? Knowing a language cuts the, rather hefty, opinion penalties for Different Cultures in half, both for Characters and Counties. Planning on conquering a foreign kingdom? Start your conquest by mastering their language, making subsequent control of your new subjects just that much easier! The less accepted your culture is, the more impact learning a language will have.

‘Learn Language’ is a Learning-based scheme, where progress and chance of success are primarily derived from how scholarly your character is. This scheme is available to everyone, even young children, who have a vastly increased chance of success/progress, by virtue of being young, less tired, and having working brains. It targets someone who natively speaks the language, having you try to emulate them. While the exact target you choose is less important than in other types of schemes, you might still get opportunities to interact with them.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 3 - Start Scheme window

If a character exceeds their Foreign Language Limit, they will start getting events about feeling overwhelmed, giving you the choice between forgetting a language or gaining stress. In a sense, this system is very similar to how we handle characters having too many lovers.

Of course, a character can never forget the language that is native to their culture, and that language isn’t included in the limit.