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CK III: Royal Court expansion will add a Photo mode to the court rooms

Published: 03:35, 08 December 2021
Paradox Interactive
The camera might not have been invented in the dark ages, but don’t we all want clean screenshots?

Every one of us has had one playthrough, or one specific moment of a playthrough, that they've wanted to share with the rest of the player base. Now, Paradox are simplifying the process with a Photo mode.

In the most recent announcement regarding the Royal court expansion, Paradox have showcased a small teaser for the button you may have spotted down in the right corner on a lot of dev diaries. It is the button that will bring up the Photomode of the court, to make it easier to take memorable pictures of the events and happenings of your court! 

Paradox have been confident for quite some time that the players would want to take some pictures of what happens in their court, the interesting courtiers interacting, or from finally seeing your rival and vassal arrive to bend the knee. So for that purpose, the Photo mode will give everyone the ability to pick what camera is currently active out of a curated selection. Some of these are camera angles that you’ve seen depending on different interfaces and some camera angles are only available in the photo mode.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 3 - Photo Mode

In the photo mode, you can select cameras from a dropdown, turn off courtiers for decoration-focused shots, or the UI to get a clean picture with no interface.

Now you will no longer be relying on screenshots of your screen when you wich to show off what is happening in your playthrough or, in the case of the new expansion, what your court looks like.