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This is what passes for a Command & Conquer "franchise sale" on Steam

Published: 10:53, 16 May 2017
Updated: 11:03, 16 May 2017
C&C "Franchise Sale" - No, not "choice and consequence", that's marketing lingo blurpage, and what are you? 12? I'm talking about Command and Conquer!

A franchise sale usually includes all games in a series, right? Wrong. This week's Command & Conquer "franchise sale" on Steam is missing some vital components to make the offer more appealing than not at all.

Valve doesn't entirely control what goes with Steam. This week's Command & Conquer "franchise sale" is very close to a bad joke, most likely courtesy of gaming's chief proprietor of black humour, Electronic Arts.

None of the games that made the franchise great are available with Steam at this time. No trace of the Command & Conquer games from 1995 up to 2009, in other words - the good ones (ok, ok, Tiberium Wars was fine too). The 75 per cent discounted series entries now are the ones that slipped into that magical time where Origin wasn't a thing yet, so EA was forced to work with Valve in order to get some digital distribution going, and GOG still hadn't proven that there was a market for making old games compatible with modern systems.

Westwood Red Alert 2 - Is it just me or does this guy look a lot like Mr. Putin?

If you want to have the Ultimate collection containing every series entry, you will of course, have to head over to Origin, and get it there. It's simple business really.

Wait, there is hope. If you don't feel like infesting your system with Origin, and want to take trip down memory lane, some of the old Command & Conquer games seem to be classified as abandonware. It might take some good old elbow grease but - where there is a will, there is a way. You can get the old versions over at under the Westwood section.

R.I.P. Westwood

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