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Bethesda auctioning off chance to design Starfield character

Published: 11:41, 24 February 2021

We're still well away from discussing Starfield's gameplay but those who take part in the Bethesda's charity auction could end up designing a character.

The reason is actually pretty great, as the studio teamed up with Make-a-Wish foundation for the Evening of Wishes 2021, a set of auctions that helps fund the foundation's work. 

And Bethesda are coming armed to the teeth, with a number of goodies on offer. The most exquisite one, however, has to be the company's mysterious upcoming RPG Starfield, which will feature a character that the auction winner will help design. 

"We're delighted to provide the opportunity to design a character for Starfield to one lucky winner - as well as an Xbox Series X and a bunch games", they tweeted. 

Todd and Co didn't go into specifics, so we reckon it will depend on the winner whether it's a proper character design, backstory and all, or just a scan that will be used in the game later on. 

Either way, it looks like we've got Make-a-Wish to thank for Starfield's first (hopefully) officially unveiled character. That is unless Bethesda decide to keep that too a secret until launch. 

There's been very little info on the studio's new IP so far, with Hines and Howard both reminding RPG lovers that unlike what they did with Fallout 76 - they won't be rushing it this time. 

Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda's parent company has worked great in this case, and if there was any hint of urgency earlier - it will certainly be gone now, leaving the legendary RPG developer to focus on coming up with a new legendary IP.