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Battlerite Royale pricing has been revealed, with some discounts

Published: 18:16, 23 August 2018
Stunlock Studios
Picture of a tiny champion and some other creature in Battlerite Royale
Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale is a standalone version of Battlerite which will jump into the saturated market of battle royale games. Stunlock Studios have announced that the game will cost $19,99 and will have discounts for Battlerite owners.

Those who own Battlerite or the All Champions pack will be able to purchase Battlerite Royale for 50 per cent off. Owners of Battlerite Arena will be able to use all cosmetics they have unlocked in Battlerite Royale as well and they will get an exclusive Legendary Ember Tiger mount.

Sounds sweet, but also sounds like pre-order incentives which is often a bad idea before actually trying the game out for yourself. Speaking of which, you can sign up for Battlerite Royale's beta before it goes into Early Access and give the game a try there. It's kind of a pre-Early Access thing, just like a battle royale mode now kind of warrants a standalone release, 50 per cent off of course.

Once the game is in Early Access, it will cost $19,99 / €19,99 / £17,99 and will include 20 playable champions as well as the aforementioned bonuses for players who already threw some money at Stunlock.

Just about everyone who tried Battlerite praised the game for its high octane action but they also normally stop playing a few weeks after, which is often attributed to lack of gameplay depth. The natural twists during games, by now common in the battle royale genre may help Battlerite with those issues, but it's all just speculation at this point.

It might also bring a fresh angle to battle royale as there aren't many class based games in it, aside from Realm Royale which has been steadily nosediving ever since its release. Battlerite Royale will also have 20 champions, as I mentioned before, as opposed to Realm Royale's five classes.

Stunlock Studios Picture of a weird wolf-snake being ridden by a midget Battlerite Royale

There is currently no indication when the beta will start and it's unknown if pre-ordering the game will affect your chances to participate. We always urge players not to go for pre-orders though as they could potentially blindly throw money at a product they might not like at all.

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