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Among Us' PlayStation Database listing reveals possible release date

Published: 08:09, 05 July 2021
Among Us - PlayStation 4 and 5 release window

Among Us for PlayStation 4 and 5 might be released as soon as August 2021. The release date was leaked by the PlayStation Database that put the alleged launch day at the tail end of Summer 2021.

Among Us , the gaming world's favourite pastime during the pandemic may be on its merry way to PlayStation. The news wasn't officially announced so it is kind of sus but don't vote it into the void just yet.

Among Us PlayStation release date

PlayStation Game Size shared a tweet saying that Among Us will arrive on Sony's platform as soon as August 31, 2021. The tweet stipulates that the date in question might just be a placeholder, but it does seem a bit too specific for the purpose.

Among Us' sudden rise to global fame prompted the fans to request all kinds of ports. The devs over at Innersloth have already ported the game onto Nintendo Switch and the talks of it coming over to PlayStation and Xbox have been all the rage ever since.

In March, Innersloth officially announced that Among Us will be coming to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One later this year (2021). April brought news that PlayStation 4 and 5 versions of the game are also in the pipeline. The latter would also bring an exclusive Ratchet and Clank skin. hat and pet.

Among Us - Xbox version

The PlayStation crowd will the Ratchet & Clank merch, and the people of Xbox have a free copy of Among Us to look forward to, as the game will be available via Xbox Game Pass.

Regardless of the platform, console players will get the benefit of crossplay. The feature will enable the fans of two different camps to come together and wrongly accuse their friends of sabotage.