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AltFacts: Episode three

Published: 13:22, 11 June 2017
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Episode three of AltChar's bi-weekly show, AltFacts, is all about Nintendo's presentation at this year's E3. Check out our video to learn more!

There's as much chance of Nintendo presenting a proper violent shooter game during its E3 presentation as of me going to the Moon for dinner this evening. Nintendo's press conference has always been a synonym for an hour of pure, family-friendly fun.

However, that did not stop a good number of  from coming up with loads of clickbait articles, trying to convince the public that Call of Duty: WWII will indeed be coming to Nintendo Switch - and that this will be announced during this year's E3 nonetheless.

Watch the of AltFacts to see what our trusty Hippo the Anchorman had to say about this whole deal.