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AGDQ 2021 recap - Successful charity run despite the pandemic

Published: 14:57, 11 January 2021
Awesome Games Done Quick
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Awesome Games Done Quick

GDQ's winter portion of the event has concluded and while it didn't manage to earn more than previous year, it was a major success, considering how restricted it was by the pandemic.

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) completed its 7-day-long speedruns for charity marathon on January 10, 2021. It is the first one in years to not beat its predecessor with the total funds raised but then again - none of the previous events had to contend with the like of Covid-19 pandemic.

The worldwide calamity caused most major events in 2020 to be outright cancelled but GDQ organisers didn't yield and managed to create a week-long speedrun-a-palooza once again but the runners were streaming from home this time around. AGDQ 2021 managed to pull in $2.75 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation which means it was second only to AGDQ 2020 which is pretty much the same way Summer Games Done quick went after pandemic restraints.

VoDs of your favourite games being completed extremely quickly can be found on GDQ's YouTube channel although some may still be missing. The reason is that organisers keep some videos private until they fix issues attached to them but each video should eventually pop up.

While the event only just concluded, some are already looking forward to Summer Games Done Quick 2021 but the organisers currently don't have any new info to offer about the upcoming marathon.

It's certain that the upcoming event will be challenging to prepare but GDQ organisers have already proven they are up to the task - twice.

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