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60 FPS will be the standard output for Xbox Series X games

Published: 16:28, 07 May 2020
Xbox Series X

General Manager at Xbox, Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that the standard output for Xbox Series X games will be no less than 60 FPS but the console's architecture allows developers to push for up to 120 FPS.

Microsoft's next-generation console Xbox Series X is bringing a major upgrade over the current-gen Xbox One with super-fast SSD, more powerful CPU and GPU and other, neat software solutions. We also know that the console will support real-time ray tracing for superior lighting and visuals.

On top of this, next-gen games are aiming to hit solid 60 FPS, which will be the standard for Xbox Series X titles, according to Xbox's Aaron Greenberg.

When asked by one Twitter whether players will have a choice of either higher performance of higher image quality so those who prefer higher framerates can choose 60 FPS, Greenberg responded that the standard output for Xbox Series X games will be 60 FPS.

He also added that Xbox Series X power does not stop at 60 FPS. The console can support up to 120 FPS, allowing developers to push for those high framerates in their games.

We already knew that 120 FPS will be the maximum of the new console but it is nice to hear that 60 FPS will indeed be the standard for the new hardware. However, Greenberg did not say whether next-gen games will run at 60 FPS with full ray tracing and 4K resolution. This is probably a bit unrealistic but who knows, it's the next huge leap for gaming and we expect some great things from both Microsoft and Sony.