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32,000 NZXT H1 cases recalled over for safety reasons

Published: 19:44, 15 February 2021
NZXT H1 Case
NZXT H1 Case

Potential fire hazard issues were recently brought up with one of NZXT PC cases and now the company is pulling 32,000 units from the market.

NZXT is usually one of the best PC case manufacturers and their products tend to be the go-to for many PC building enthusiasts but in the case of H1, the story took a turn for the worse.

Namely, the case utilised a PCI-E riser made of materials that could cause a short circuit, cause a fire and in the best case scenario only damage your hardware. This issue was made even more severe by the metal screws that could grind bits of the riser to dust, which could later reach more PC parts that could catch fire and suffer damage.

While this is the short version, Gamers Nexus explained the entire issue in great detail while also raising awareness about the product that could take overheating to the next level. You can check the video out below.

Anyway, NZXT's first attempt at fixing the situation were nylon screws that would be sent to the buyers after they purchased the case, although GN explained why this workaround was ineffective, one of the primary reasons being that the manual didn't really state what they were for, meaning the users could end up not utilising these screws at all, and the fire hazard would still be on.

More recently, however, the company announced they would be pulling the case from the market , which will account for about 32,000 units as well as 1,024 that were sold in Canada .

Given the fact that the MSRP was $349, the recall will affect roughly $11.5 million worth of PC cases.

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